Both are my favorite shows although both heroes of the show have clear goal "Break The Prison and bring brother back" or "Break the bank and get the money". I see these as two end goal aspects but if you just focus on the show and how it is executed, both have something great to learn from i mean i can seriously corelate many things in life/work.

For example, we can learn how the Professor had built the team connecting different set of minds and bringing all of them to work towards a common goal and looking at the task…

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Disclaimer: I attempted to provide my views right here and i am actually not someone who attempted tuckman’s group building model in complete in exercise however i’m trying to research and adopt from distinct aspects of life.

THE PROFESSOR. Definitely I am not alone on the earth who loved this character. Though I have watched Money Heist 1 year back I have never followed the social media on Professor and the series. When I did, it’s no wonder there are ton of articles and you-tube videos inferring management lessons to life lessons. …

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If you are familiar with Command Design Pattern you might get puzzled when you see this and start thinking about how the implementation is so different from the standard java or any other programming language. Don’t worry it’s normal to think like that. Trust me even I had the same feeling when I first started thinking about this.

The truth is fundamentally it is no different however let’s explore how we can leverage Spring’s powerful IoC(Inversion of Control) framework and simplify the command pattern implementation.

Here is a glance at the Command Design Pattern component interaction.

In this article we dive into understanding of the smart speaker setup. The first question that comes to us when we look at the smart speaker is how do I connect WiFi on the speaker and start using it. We know the only interface on the speaker is voice, especially for a lay man the question is very intriguing.

Usually smart speaker comes with something called companion app which is very handy to setup speaker(connect to WiFi, login to your account gmail/Amazon)

Hmm sounds good we have a solution. The lay man inside me is happy as he can use…

This is the second article as part of the Smart Speaker and the Tech inside series. I recommend you to go through the part1 and come back here if you are not already read.

To get the story more interesting and interactive, i would like to run this as a conversation between my friend Mr.Rishi Teja(RT) and myself(Siva). He read the part1 and intrigued about knowing further internal working of the smart speaker.

RT: Siva i was so fascinated after reading part-1 and curious to know

what happens when user interacts with Smart Speaker?

what are the things that happen…

This article describes the steps to migrate projects between different git based systems. For demonstration purpose let’s migrate gitlab projects to github(personal or organization). Before getting into the Crux of the matter a little refresh on git remote will simplify understanding of the migration steps.

What happens when you do git remote -v inside a shell under your git based project. You see something like below.

origin ssh:// (fetch)origin ssh:// (push)

These lines indicate whenever we perform git pull or push, the code from remote will be fetched or the code from local repository will be pushed to the…

As a developer we tend to work on multiple projects at some point in your coding life time. As you keep switching between projects you will tend load/unload projects into IDEs like Android Studio and end up maintaining multiple copies of the same code under different projects.

The real pain in running multiple IDEs is

you experience slow system response and confusion navigating between projects which will in a way impact your productivity.

Also in some cases, you may have to work on some common library code which can be used by multiple stand alone android projects to finish your…

Having worked on smart speaker development for quiet sometime and being a huge fan of smart speakers and it’s technologies i need to put down my studies round it and introduce various technology used across the major branded devices starting from the tool software, speaker configuration, person experience and developer Eco system.

Image depics various smart speakers devices with out the manufacturer logo
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The steady evolution of consumer experience to simplify how people interact with gadgets has lead us from the usage of knob controllers to buttons(key) to the touch sensor based and eventually to voice based controllers. …

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Recently i was exploring to figure out a unique device identifier for tracking the number of unique users. During my research i figured out one of such eligible candidate is Android ID which is formerly (prior to Android Oreo) called Device ID. Interestingly google not only renamed it to Android_ID but also changed the behavior of it.

Though it is not much relevant to discuss the difference here in the article but just to give you an essence of the topic, Android_ID is no more unique per device when 3rd party apps request for it but it is unique per…

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As we know when we are bundling the android apps for release certain logs(debug logs) are trimmed off and it is good practice to disable entire application logs before it is live for the production. Also some of the features that are helpful for debugging will also be disabled by the developers using some compile time flags like


Many a times we wanted to debug the production apps to reproduce certain scenarios and capture critical pieces of information either through logcat or upload information to a web server.

This is where Android’s System Properties comes in handy. In general…

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